Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Can't you work on Airstream's in winter?

My good buddy Dave always likes to say "Get to work!" How I wish I could! We bought our Safari very late in the season (late October). It is currently stored (in a secret location) with several other Airstream's (OK, not that secret) near the Minnesota Airstream Park. You cannot easily access the location in winter, and it is 65 miles one way from my house. We will need to get the running lights working (or temporary lights to start), and the plan is to take it up to Hart's RV for a new axle, wheels, brakes, tires this spring. Hart's used to be an Airstream dealer, and they do great work, so check them out if you are in Minnesota (Long Prairie, MN). Once I can safely tow the Safari, then I have the option to bring it home, and begin the Full Monty! By the way, this picture does not include our Safari. It was taken last year at the same winter storage location, and our '90 Excella is the first 'Stream on the right. If we would have bought our Safari just a little sooner before winter, it would be in my driveway now. How I wish I could "get to work!"

Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Streamers" are the best!

I have now met online many great and helpful Streamers. The volume of information that is available on the Airforums, and the number of people documenting their projects in Blogs, is what makes it possible for those of us to exceed our own level of "handiness". Thus we are able to tackle projects that we would not otherwise be brave enough to tackle. As an example, in one of these online communications I met Roy who has refurbished/remodeled his '64 Safari. He had extra original cabinet knobs leftover from his project, and asked me if I could use them, and thus passed them along to me. They arrived well packed and with the attached letter. Just good folks helping all of us newbies along the way, with advise, or extra cabinet knobs. You can check out Roy's website covering his '64 Safari "Marlo" at Someday I will also "pay it forward", just like Roy did for me. Thank you Roy!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lucky to be a '64?

Looking this far back, some 40 plus years, 1964 is not that special. I mean, what about a '62, or '65? Early 60's is early 60's, right? For an Airstream, 1964 was the last year for the now desired Door within a Door. But certain features is not what I am referring to. It turns out one can find a great 1964 Airstream resource online. It is the 1964 catalog. Dig the propaganda; "Airstream 1964, years ahead in engineering, years ahead in travel pleasure!" This has been a very helpful document in my research. I could only wish that every Vintage Airstream owner had access to this catalog for their respective year. Not only can you find valuable information (confirmed our Safari is a Double), but the marketing hype is great for a smile. "Travel Trailers of the future may someday have what the 1964 Airstream gives you now!"

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A '64 Safari named May and a Dream

I guess it all has to start somewhere. First you need the appropriate Vintage Airstream (1964 Safari, check). Then a name (I lived in Maysville, Iowa in 1964, where I turned 4 that November, so she now has a name (May for short), check). Finally I am working on a whole lot of dreaming, planning, and money gathering (you have to pay for it all somehow!) Dreaming is the right word, as May is in her bed for the winter, all stored away miles from home, with only pictures to show for her. At least she has Airstream company! This picture was taken in October, today she would be covered in a blanket of snow, with certainly no green grass at her feet. So have patience with me, the blogs will be "squishy" for now, all thought, and very little action. Or at least all the action is currently in the mind, with real action waiting for the spring thaw. But, you have to start somewhere!!!!