Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time to replace a panel

I have begun the process of replacing this panel. The old TV antenna, old Radio antenna, and who knows what other skin holes made replacing this panel a no brainer. That and the dent that is lower down than this picture shows. This panel is street side front.
First I have to remove the entire rub rail; Curbside to street side.
I also had to remove the spare tire carrier.
Removing the spare tire carrier held on with screws.
Rust marks the spot, or in this case, the cross.

I also removed the Banana Wrap now exposing the frame and old nasty insulation.
Now removing the rivets. I will hopefully finish this job next Saturday. I have the new aluminum ready to go, and will be glad to fully replace this panel! Until next time....


  1. Are you replacing only the street side corner panel? Or will you be replacing the panel behind the spare tire carrier also?

  2. Spike:
    I am only replacing the street side panel. I had to remove the spare tire carrier because the rub rail was underneath it.

  3. That's a slippery slope isn't it Spike? Glad to see you are back at it Tim.

  4. Thanks Norm, and I am very gald to be back at it. The year of my divorce feels like a lost year for Airstream work, and now that is behind me, and I have my energy back! I am looking forward to much progress in '12! Happy New Year!

  5. Glad to see you are back at it. I just replaced the lower rear panels on my 65. It really isnt that hard just a lot of busy work. I used a solid rivet removal tool worked great! Just make sure to center the bit on the rivet or you will egg out the hole and get leaks. I also put a dab of Trempro in each hole. Hope that it keeps the water out, good luck!!

  6. Javier: I think Vulkem/Tempro on the back of all the rivets and seams is the way to go too, of course while I have the access with the interior skins removed. I note that is how the factory builds them today. It's way too much work to restore one of these to not try and seal every possible water entry point one can.