Sunday, August 2, 2009

4 Weeks is too long

4 Weeks is too long to not get any work in on the '64, but that's what just happened. I just hit that time in summer where I had no weekend time to Polish. I had other projects and one trip with the '90; The Vintage Races at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI. On top of it all I am very busy at work, and this affords me zero extra time this summer. Anyway, I finally did get back on the project this weekend.

I am working on the rear end cap above the rear window. I took off the remaining two rear lights, and used Acetone to rub off the thick black water proofing that was added by a PO. As described in a previous post, the lights are also not period correct, and will be replaced with tear drop style lights. You can see the black gunk above the rear lights in the previous post on July 7th of this month. It took me at least one hour per light just to get the black tar stuff scraped and rubbed off. I also used plastic paint scapers to try and pry hunks of the stuff. Once I got all the black removed on Saturday, then it was on to Sunday (today). Today I polished steps 1 & 2 the the grey and red abrasive bars (more information on polishing steps under June 24, 2009 post).

I shot this one picture just before I could completely finish polishing as time was running out and a small rain shower came by. After this shot, I covered the holes from the old lights removal with aluminum tape from Vintage Trailer Supply. Well, I am off again for two weeks. Until then, keep the Aluminum side shiney!