Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Step 2.5 steps of 4 forward......

2.5 steps of 4 steps is really not exactly the whole truth. Truth be known any one step could be considered more than one step. We’re talking serious polishing here! Take for instance the first step. I used the gray abrasive and the closely sown 8” hard buff; both from Jestco. In order to take out the most of the linear scratches, I then use the grey abrasive with the 8” soft buff. So the abrasive is what I consider “a” step. In this case the gray abrasive compound is step #1.

Step #2 is with the red jeweler’s compound. I also use an 8” soft buff; although not the same buff that I use on step #1 part deux with the gray. Do not mix your abrasives, and clean between each step. I am using cotton cloth rags and a spray bottle of mineral spirits. Watch for hidden abrasive around the rivet heads. Trust me, you feel like crap when you newly scratch you’re just polished section with an abrasive from the last step. Wipe the entire surface not once, but twice. Use a new rag and new sections of the rag as you move through the cleaning. I am finding that the surface cleaning is key as you pick up much of the oxidized (black) residue in “total black rag when done” fashion. I also rock the polisher back and forth and you visibly see the scratches from step #1 begin to disappear. I am finding that step#2 is one longer step, and rather than the very fast single passes of step#1a and #1b.

Step #2.5 is actually part one of part three. I am using the duel cyclo with Nuvite F7. It looks like in order to cut through the remaining blemishes and scratches; I will need to run the cyclo over the whole works twice. For now I am doing it once. Thus, Step 2.5 of 4. Nuvite “S” is the plan for the last step. I hope to do steps 2.5 or 4 through the entirety of May, and when I am ready for the final touches, and then I will go back with one more step# 3 “F7” pass, and then finish with step #4 with“S”.

By the way, the picture is step #2. Can you see where I have already been with the red jeweler’s rouge over the rougher step #1?? Look at where the buff currently is and keep looking towards the left all the way to the frame on the back window. The bottom panel was completed last week. The bottom of the top panel is the focus. I finished steps 2.5 on the top panel in about 4 hours of work. Much faster than the learning I was doing on the bottom panel. I just wished I could tackle this more than the 4 hours per weekend that I am getting (if I am lucky).