Sunday, April 12, 2009

Winter is over! It just takes longer in Minnesota.

It is soon time to pull May from her winter storage location! I believe the farm road where she is stored has not yet dried to the point of being passable. I still found small pockets of snow in the woods this weekend, trying to hide from the 50’s temps. With the weather reports this week, that should change (dry out), and I will pull May out next weekend! The picture that I am posting here was actually taken last fall (you can tell cause there is green grass, and right now, all grass here is brown and just starting to green up). This will be the new summer home for May. It is located at the Minnesota Airstream Park. The truck is sitting about where May will be parked. I wouldn’t call that a lake in the distance (past the golf course), but it is bigger than a pond. Last spring two loons called it home, so it is a clean body of water. I should have taken a picture of the lot yesterday, but suffice to say all the leaves from this picture last October are cleaned up now. Once I move May to the lot, I need to first and foremost ensure that I have working running lights (brakes, turn signals, the necessities). Once I have lights, I will hall her up to Hart RV in Long Prairie for a new axel, brakes, wheels and tires. Then it is back to the Park, where all the polishing supplies that I just ordered from Vintage Trailer will be deployed to clean up and shine the exterior. The floor and interior will get tackled this fall/winter (at least that is the plan, but Vintage trailers need more time and money than one should assume, so stay tuned!) My posts should pick up now, including a recap of the Vintage Restoration Rally held by the Four Corners Unit of the WBCC. The rally is two weeks away in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We (wife and I) are flying down there for the long weekend, and are very much looking forward to it!